Angel Investing in Jenny Gyllander and Thingtesting

Originally from Europe, Gyllander has built a cult following whilst living on both sides of the Atlantic

TL;DR: To keep this Thingtesting appropriate I’ve written this piece in Jenny’s signature style: (Part 1) The Story (how I met Jenny and ultimately made an angel investment); (Part 2) The Product (why I’m excited about the co).

A brand profile on that I found using my favourite “👀” (lucky dip) feature

“People are confused right now by the sheer amount of products launching,” Gyllander said. “I want Thingtesting to be a filter for people to consume better … It’s a role department stores used to have back in the day, but nobody has really filled that role in the online world.” — Gyllander, talking to TechCrunch in 2019

An example of @Thingtesting’s original instagram review format in February 2019

“TL;DR: I’ve decided to jump and take Thingtesting from a side-project to my full-time gig. If you want to support me on the journey; here’s how you can become a Thingtesting Close Friend. You will get access to behind-the-scenes content, events, exclusive deals and receive my endless gratitude 💕.

My goal? To help you discover your next favourite brand.” — Gyllander writing about her move below.

Jenny Gyllander



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