What would you tell your younger self?

Pippa Lamb
4 min readMar 9, 2020


In celebration of #IWD2020, Sweet asked ten inspiring female founders on our “watchlist” the ONE piece of advice they would either give to other women setting up their own businesses, OR to their younger selves.

We loved their answers, and wanted to share them with you too.

From left-right: Julianne Hough, Founder — Kinrgy; Amira Yahyaoui, Founder — mosdotcom; Michelle Kennedy, Founder — Peanut; Zoe Saldana, Founder — BESE; Georgina Wilson, Founder — Sunnies; Prerna Gupta, Founder — Hooked; Jordan Taylor, Founder — Medley; Vania Leles, Founder — Vanleles Diamonds; Charli Cohen, Founder — Charli Cohen; Lindsay Jurist-Rosner, Founder — Wellthy

“For so long, I thought I wasn’t ready to start Wellthy. I thought I needed more experience, more money, more time. Wish I could tell my younger self… you’re ready, you got this!”

Lindsay Jurist Rosner — Founder, Wellthy

“Success is nothing but a series of failures. Never give up.”

Prerna Gupta — Founder, Hooked

“Your vision is your impact on humanity. Put your passion behind your purpose and trust it!”

Julianne Hough — Founder, Kinergy

“Be elastic so you can allow yourself to grow. Where you end up will most likely not be the place where you started. Your ideas and the approaches you design for them will be in constant change. Your flexibility will enable you to continuously reshape and redirect your path. Also, remember to be happy. Don’t allow stress to overshadow your journey towards manifesting your dream.”

Zoe Saldana — Founder, BESE

“Why can’t it be you? If you see an opportunity or something which is broken, why can’t you be the one to solve it — don’t leave it to other people. Why not you?”

Michelle Kennedy — Founder, Peanut

“Your word is your most valuable asset. Be truthful. Your integrity will take you far so make sure it remains pristine.You can lead with kindness and grace, make sure your work environment is inspiring and with humanity at its core. Lead a purposeful life, choose your purpose and make sure you enjoy the ride that’s called life. Appreciate where you are and be happy.”

Vania Leles — Founder, Vanleles Diamonds

“Never doubt your intuition.”

Georgina Wilson — Founder, Sunnies

“As you start your company, build a community around yourself of people going through similar experiences — I was lucky to have a few friends starting companies around the same time we founded Medley. Be open and honest with them, it really helps manage the highs and lows.”

Jordan Taylor — Founder, Medley

“Know that you’re not only paving the way forward for yourself, but you’re part of a movement to shift the balance — women and girls seeing themselves represented and knowing they have the power to do this too.”

Charli Cohen — Founder, Charli Cohen

“Know you are worth 26% more. The gender pay gap is not just a wage difference it’s a mentality.”

Amira Yahyaoui — Founder, Mos

And if you’re more the “skip to the pictures” type…

Happy IWD2020.



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